Our company

Our company

IBE Estonia OÜ forms part of the Finnish EKE-Yhtiöt group. The main areas of activity of EKE-Yhtiöt are design, construction and railway transport. Founded in 1961, it has since developed projects all over the world.

EKE-Yhtiöt is an efficient and innovative developer with strong traditions. It covers the entire construction process, from the drafting of plans to buildings being taken into use, ensuring very effective quality control.

EKE-Yhtiöt builds residential districts where the aim is to create a space in which people feel both safe and at home. Streets and communications are always constructed as part of these developments. The company has experience in this regard primarily as the developer of the Sundsberg residential area just outside of Helsinki, where it has 400 hectares of land on which a living environment for 2600 residents has been established. Sundsberg is a safe area in a beautiful natural setting and is popular first and foremost among families with children. More than 250 families have already moved into the area.

EKE-Yhtiöt subsidiary IBE Estonia OÜ launched operations in 2003. Since then it has primarily focussed on the development of residential districts in Greater Tallinn.

To date, a development project has been completed in the village of Peetri in Rae municipality, where in cooperation with Soome Maja Ehitaja a series of semi-detached and terraced houses was constructed (offering a total of 107 homes) along with three apartment buildings.

The biggest development the company is currently working is also situated in Rae municipality, in the village of Uuesalu: it covers more than 80 hectares of land and is one of the largest development projects in Greater Tallinn. The area is very well served logistically, set as it is between the Tartu and Viljandi highways around 4 km from Tallinn’s city limits and 10 km from the city centre. The area is surrounded by trees and is a safe distance from busy roads.

More than 400 homes will be erected in the area. The village has its own kindergarten, playgrounds and sports fields, with a BMX Cross course set to open shortly.

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