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Uuesalu is a growing young village in a beautiful natural setting in Rae municipality just outside of Tallinn. Logistically well located, with a close-knit community and stunning surroundings, it is the perfect place to build a new home for your family. Uuesalu lies between the Tartu and Viljandi highways, close to the city but just far enough from its busiest roads. It boasts walking and cycling tracks, a volleyball and basketball court, two children’s playgrounds and two sledding slopes. The recreational area at the heart of the village is home to a small artificial lake, Liivajärv, which even has a modest strip of sandy beach.

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In the village of Vaela in Kiili municipality, IBE Estonia has put in place the infrastructure required for 18 plots of land for private houses and one property earmarked as commercial land. This is a rapidly developing and logistically well-located area to the north of which you find the Tallinn ring road (including IKEA and the Kurna retail park) and to the south of which lies the village of Kiili itself.

Uuetoa Business Centre

A business centre is planned to be erected on the edge of the large car park opposite Vimka Hill. The building is currently being designed.

Completed projects


IBE Estonia’s very first development project was the Ülemiste residential district in Peetri in Rae municipality. It has now been completed and all apartments have been sold. In cooperation with Soome Maja Ehitaja OÜ, the project saw the construction of both semi-detached and terraced houses with a total of 107 homes. The area was developed in full to ensure comfort and convenience for all residents, with central utilities, streets, street lighting, landscaping and a children’s playground all being provided. Public transport also serves the area, which has its own bus stop.

The development is located just off the Tartu highway close to the border between Tallinn and Rae municipality, around 10 minutes’ drive from the city centre. Nearby are the Ülemiste Keskus shopping centre and Peetri Selver supermarket, while the Vanaveski restaurant is within walking distance. The long-awaited Peetri school and kindergarten were completed in 2009, including a sports centre and stadium. An extension to the school and kindergarten was opened in 2013.

Vägeva tee apartment buildings

In addition to the Ülemiste development project, IBE Estonia has constructed three buildings with 15 apartments at Vägeva tee 17 in Peetri. The site borders that of the Ülemiste project.

The buildings were completed in stages in 2007 and feature two- and three-room apartments ranging in size from 52.5-72. 8 m2.

The apartments are very spacious, with large windows and autonomous gas heating, keeping utility costs low. All of the apartments come with underfloor heating, and there is a shared storage space on the 1st floor of each building. The bathrooms feature high-quality ceramic tiles, Gustavsberg sanitary technology and Balteco baths. The living areas have natural oak parquet flooring, while the windows throughout are wood & aluminium framed with selective glass. Every apartment has a spacious balcony and a security door, while the main door of each building is locked and connected to an intercom.

The courtyard features a children’s playground and enough parking spaces for all of the apartments. The Vägeva tee 17 property is fenced off, and the driveway gates openly automatically and can be activated remotely. An apartment association has been established.


The Patika residential district is 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of Tallinn along Tartu Highway, in the area between the Pirita River and Patika-Suuresta Road.
Its plots of land are in a quiet, naturally beautiful location where a new living environment has been established along with sealed roads, pavements and street lighting.

Utilities are central. Wherever possible, the trees on the plots have been retained.
The plots themselves, which range in size from 1500-3000 m², ensure privacy for every property. A total of 69 properties have been established on the site, all of which have been sold. On some of them we have also constructed comfortable homes perfectly suited to their surroundings.


The total planning area for the Uuetoa development was 3.74 hectares. It is located in Viimsi, very close to the centre of Haabneeme. Directly across the road is the newly opened Vimka skiing and snowboarding park. All of the properties with semi-detached houses have been sold, and four terraced houses (each with eight homes) have also been sold, the most recent of which was completed in early 2020. As of autumn 2023, a commercial building is being designed for the site at Jänese tee 2.

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